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    Wuxi Hoetom Petrochemical Equipment Co Ltd website welcome!

    WUXI?HONG?TONG?PETROCHEMICAL?EQUIPMENT?CO,.LTD is a professional manufacturer of scraper evaporator, vacuum rake dryer, two-way stirring reaction kettle and other chemical equipments.

    The company has a high-quality sewage treatment systems, waste water treatment systems, waste water treatment system. Company is a petrochemical equipment research, development and production of a multi-year engaged in chemical equipment manufacturing enterprises. Here not only has the domestic first-class testing, production, equipment manufacturing, more a group from famous petrochemical equipment, scientific research, manufacturing units outstanding technical elite, and engaged in a number of years of machinery and equipment manufacturing production management personnel and excellent team of skilled workers.

    Contact us

    • Contact: Miss?Xiong
    • Phone: 86-13338110818 ? 86-13506182505
    • Tel:?86-0510-85950968 ?Fax:?86-0510-81010918
    • Web:?www.pzkwv21.top ??? www.jshtsh.com
    • Email: wxhtsh@wxhtsh.com13338110818@163.com
    • Add: No.88, Nanhu (Middle) Road,?Binhu?District, Wuxi City


    Complete sets of tank equipmentComplete sets of methanol recovery equipment.Complete sets of coating equipmentComplete sets of coating equipment on siteExport Malaysia double effect evaporatorExport Japan double mixing equipmentJiaxing complete sets of equipmentMortar complete sets of equipmentFiber project outside the coil reactorXinjiang complete sets of distillation equipmentJiangxi MVR Waste Water Evaporation SystemEquipment installation site in India for the second timeMVR CompressorPlanet stirring deviceTwo-way stirring reaction kettle in Suqian and ZhenjiangExtraction tank in BeijingDryer in ShenyangIndia installation siteMVR evaporation equipment of Singapore ECO CompanyEquipment site in Thailand